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Returned Missionary Training Center

Almost an entire mission of missionaries comes home every single day. That means 7 missions of missionaries come home every week.  We want to help them. Take 2 minutes and help thousands of those serving to have a better experience when they come home from the mission. Your responses will help in the creation of the new book for RMs

What Do You Think RMs Need to Know?

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avatar Andy Proctor (42 Posts)

Andy is the creator of T​he Returned Missionary (this blog)​, encouraging the tens of thousands of LDS missionaries who come home every year to continue to be productive, hardworking, faithful, and happy long after their full-time mission has ended. His goal with this blog is to help people know how they can live the gospel while living their dreams. He just launched his first book for RMs, called ​Live Your Mission: 21 Powerful Principles to Discover Your Life Mission after Your Mission, which is the first book in the L​ive My Gospel​ book series. He also owns and manages the blog. He is a regular contributor to Meridian Magazine and has been featured on the blog as well as LDS Living and Deseret News.


  1. avatar Matthew Peel says:

    Can’t wait for the book!! Keep it up!! 🙂

  2. avatar Sister Bonnie Clark says:

    My husband and I are serving in Lima Peru, working with returned missionaries and would love to get a copy of your book. How can we do this?

  3. Andy, just filled out the survey! Best of luck to you. What you are doing is amazing!

  4. On your survey there is no place for served a mission in 2015.

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