What is Live My Gospel?

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Breaking news! The first book in the series is finally here!

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Live Your Mission is the first book in the Live My Gospel book series

Live Your Mission is the first book in the Live My Gospel book series

Live My Gospel is the title of a book series that I am currently writing for returned missionaries. The idea is to basically have the same feel as Preach My Gospel, but provide information that will be directly applicable to the lives of returned missionaries. RMs go from preaching the gospel full-time, to living the gospel full-time. Like Paul said:

“Even so hath the Lord ordained that they which preach the gospel should live of the gospel.”

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Books in the making…

  1. THIS BOOK IS NOW LIVE! Live Your Mission: 21 Powerful Principles to Discover Your Life Mission After Your Mission. What is my purpose now that I am home? – This was the number one most requested topic from the hundreds of RMs that we surveyed. Click here to see more or to buy the book.
  2. How do I continue to study effectively now that I don’t have anyone to teach? – As a missionary, you prepared everyday to teach people. You studied for the sole purpose of blessing someone and helping them to see and realize truth. It was amazing to watch when someone really came to the knowledge of truth. But now, you are home. No lessons planned. No investigators. Maybe a calling to teach twice a month in sunday school relief society or priesthood. Who do you teach? Yourself? What can you do to stay excited about studying when it seems like it isn’t blessing anyone but you? Most returned missionaries report that it is difficult to have as effective study as when they were full-time missionaries. How can we overcome this? Should I get new scriptures now that I am home?
  3. How do I solidify my new social identity with my family and friends? – The mission experience changes you. So many go on a mission straight from high school and it is the first time living away from home as themselves. Because of the mission experience, the missionary is encouraged to decide who they are. Many solidify an identity for themselves while on the mission. Then they come home and go through what I call the “Remember the Titans syndrome” where they come back into the home with parents, siblings and friends who treat them the way they were before the mission. This can be very dangerous and can throw off these well-meaning missionaries (and friends and families).  I want to share some principles that will help both parents and those in their environment to be able to keep the missionaries strong and be strong themselves. The goal is to all rise together.
  4. How can I still keep the Spirit in my every day life? – As a missionary you are expected to seek and listen to the Spirit everyday, indeed, it is your purpose and livelihood. You could even say it was “the cool thing” to be full of the Spirit because you were socially rewarded to do so. When you return, it is very easy for the Spirit to be muffled out by every little distraction that exists. You are no longer given social support to seek the Spirit and be righteous. It really isn’t “the cool thing” anymore. In fact many times you will be made fun of if you want to be Spiritual. How do you make sure that seeking the Spirit is a priority? How can you not lose the “missionary glow”? How can make sure you never lose your spiritual edge?
  5. How can I make the atonement the center of my life? – Making the atonement the center of your life will bless you in ways that you cannot imagine. For every aspect of a returned missionary’s life, the atonement will enhance and quicken you to the person you want to become.
  6. Eternal living – continuing to develop Christlike Attributes. – As a missionary, you are expected to be Christlike because you are an official representative of Jesus Christ. But when you get home, you no longer are an official Elder or Sister who has a ministerial certificate signed by a prophet of God that you represent the Savior. However, it is JUST as important to continue to become Christlike. Do you believe it is possible to live a “eternal” life (a life like that of God)? How can you change your mindset/paradigm on a daily basis to create a stepping stone course toward becoming like God? How bad do you want it?
  7. How can I retain my mission language and become an educated person? – Did you learn a foreign language? If so, do you want to forget it and lose it? Probably not. What are some great things to do to ensure that you keep and master your mission language? What can you do to bless others using your mission language? How can you continue to preach the gospel in your mission language? How can you use it to your advantage in your career? Should you make a career around it? Other questions that have been asked are about education when you return. What should you study? Where should you go to school? How fast should you finish? How important is getting an education VS. just getting training for a job? What is the role of technology in education? Will your education end when you get your diploma? How is life-long learning and education related to our spiritual progress?
  8. How can I stay effective? – Should I still use a paper planner or should I use my phone? Should I still have a weekly planning session? How can I keep setting effective goals? What do I use as my “key indicators” of life? Is it important to have a long term plan? How can I set up a 5 year plan? (10 year?). How can I be more wise with my money? How can I avoid debt? How can I avoid wasting time?
  9. How can I find someone to marry? – This chapter is written by single and married returned missionaries. How can I find people to date? What are some great dating ideas for returned missionaries? What if my boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t seem to care as much about my mission as me?  Should I lower my standards in anyway to have more social opportunity? What if I can’t find people to hang out with? Where do I go to find people to date? Have you ever wondered why there is a 50% divorce rate in the US and close to that in the church? How can I avoid this?
  10. What are the top ten pitfalls of returned missionaries? – Have you seen returned missionaries get lazy and complacent with life? Even ones who were your zone leader or assistant to the president? Do you know any who have struggled with pornography? What are other common struggles that missionaries go through so that I know to be extra careful? How can you inoculate yourself against falling away from the church? Why do so many returned missionaries go inactive? What are Satan’s greatest threats today? What role does technology and media play in causing returned missionaries to become weak?
  11. The Power of Optimism and Positive Thinking – In the mission, if you went through something really hard, it was easy to just write it in your journal and say, “I am going to be blessed for this because I am in the service of God.” Now that you are not a full-time missionary, when you go through something difficult, you can’t say the same thing as readily. You could be doing anything from your school work to your job to just everyday life. What will help you through hard times now that you can’t pull the “I’ll be blessed for suffering” card? How would you stay on top and keep moving when you get consistently turned down for dates? When you don’t ever get asked on dates? When your best friend turns on you?  When you lose your job? Get married, have kids and your husband is killed in a car accident? Go through a painful divorce? All of these things are things that faithful and wonderful returned missionaries have faced. How can you make the best of it when life doesn’t happen the way you imagined after faithfully serving a mission?
  12. What is the best way to continue doing missionary work? – Did you know there at least a dozen opportunities to share the gospel everyday no matter where you live? How can I create a “gospel sharing home”? How can I defend the church online without getting caught in the wave of anti-mormon organizations? Is supporting good causes doing missionary work? What are realistic missionary goals now that I am a full-time student or employee? Do you have a mormon.org profile? You are no longer a full-time missionary, but that doesn’t mean you should stop sharing with people and blessing lives.

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