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The Returned Missionary - for those who have served LDS Missions

This is a site for returned missionaries to learn, be inspired and share. The purpose of this site is to help to keep returned missionaries strong. There are too many who come home from their mission and shortly after forget the fire they had burning in their hearts for the gospel. All that they learned in the mission seems to fade away as if it were a book they once read.

The Church is constantly calling on its members to “raise the bar” and this should be just as true for the returned missionaries as well. So many have expressed the need for some sort of book, or app or class to help those who are coming home to stay strong and be able to adjust well. Unfortunately, there has been very little done to help those who return. This is an effort to make it happen.

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We will be working hard to create good content for returned missionaries to come home to. When we returned from our missions, we wanted someone or something to trust. There wasn’t a returned missionary training center and there weren’t any classes to go learn from about how to adjust. There wasn’t really anything to answer the questions we had when we came back. We aren’t saying that we have all the answers either, but we do have principles that have helped us to be strong and happy. We want to share this with you on this site.

Here is what we hope to provide:

  • A website – with posts and videos and as many resources as possible to help you.
  • A book – like Preach My Gospel, but specifically applied to the lives of returned missionaries.
  • A forum – Through the posts and through social media where discussions can happen.
  • An app – this world is a different place and we want to make it as easy as possible to be your best.
  • An RM Mentor program – mentors are very powerful and we want to create a way to connect returned missionaries to trusted mentors who can answer questions and be a friend. Stay tuned for more information about this program.

The website is here, the book is in the making, the forum is live, the app is in development and the mentor program will be ironed out before long. We are not an official entity of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Therefore we are creating all of this with our own time and means. Let us know if you would like to help. The best way to help is to share this with your friends, family,  companions, ward leaders, and anyone you think it would help.

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