Advice for Returned Missionaries

Do you know someone who just got home from the mission? Did you just get home? Here is a little advice for you, and for that special missionary. More to come. Please share with others.


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  1. Peggy Carlquist says:

    Been home from my mission since 1969. Still remember my experiences, keep in touch with people that I taught. Take the Liahona in Danish so I can keep my language intact. Be kind and loving to those around you. Remember your mission was only the beginning, keep growing!

  2. My husband and I served our missions in the 80s. We still keep in touch with the people we taught and our companions and fellow missionaries. Personally I read and re-read my journal entries and I feel like I’m back to my mission. Our son is coming home in 6 months and I’ve found your website very helpful. Thank you for the tips, especially For the Parents of Returned Missionaries. Truly helpful, I appreciate it.

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