Advice for Returned Missionaries

Do you know someone who just got home from the mission? Did you just get home? Here is a little advice for you, and for that special missionary. More to come. Please share with others.


avatar Andy Proctor (38 Posts)

Andy is the creator of and the co-creator of and He is an internet entrepreneur and loves doing online missionary work. He graduated from BYU in 2009 after living in the Holy Land and studying at the BYU Jerusalem Center. He is currently writing a book to help returned missionaries find their new purpose and apply what they learned on their mission to their post-mission life. He is married and can't wait for the kids to start dropping from heaven.


  1. avatar Peggy Carlquist says:

    Been home from my mission since 1969. Still remember my experiences, keep in touch with people that I taught. Take the Liahona in Danish so I can keep my language intact. Be kind and loving to those around you. Remember your mission was only the beginning, keep growing!

  2. My husband and I served our missions in the 80s. We still keep in touch with the people we taught and our companions and fellow missionaries. Personally I read and re-read my journal entries and I feel like I’m back to my mission. Our son is coming home in 6 months and I’ve found your website very helpful. Thank you for the tips, especially For the Parents of Returned Missionaries. Truly helpful, I appreciate it.

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