4 Reasons Why You Should Refresh Your Wardrobe After the Mission

The Returned Missionary New Wardrobe




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Guest post By Mitch Hope, Dress Code* Style Consultant (Logan, UT)

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This post is primarily focused on the brethren who just got back. All else are free to read for pleasure or to provide advice for those who they know that have recently returned. Please share this with them if you are a concerned mother, brother, sister, roommate, or (hopefully) girlfriend. Sisters who recently returned, the principles surely can apply to you as well. Please understand that we do not wish to discriminate any gender on this site. All is done with the purpose of benefitting the readers. With that in mind, here are the reasons:

1. What you wear affects what you think about yourself.

Clothing says a surprising amount about a person. You may have noticed that most people tend to dress the way they feel at that moment. If you are feeling down and gloomy you are most likely going to throw on some sweats and not want to leave the house. On the other hand, if you are feeling excited for a party that you know your current crush is going to be attending, or if you have been asked to interview for your dream job, we can all assume that you are going to dress your best. Now imagine that on a gloomy day you decide to take time to dress nice, automatically your attitude for that day improves. When you dress nicely, your confidence grows. Instead of letting how you feel determine the way you dress, take charge and dress yourself to match the way you want to feel.

2. Your parents will probably help fund it.

Let’s face it, if you have just returned from your mission you are probably broke. Two years without a paying job doesn’t smile kindly on your bank account. And what’s more, your volume of clothes in your closet has most likely been severely reduced because of younger (sometimes older) siblings. Most of the clothes you still have will make you feel like you’re back in high school. However, the most common change in returned missionaries is probably your waist size. It’s time to revamp and not dress like you’re still in grade school. The good thing is that your parents have probably noticed these same things and they may have already pointed it out to you (usually in regards to your weight). Just know that they haven’t seen you for two years and therefore their willingness to help you pay for new clothes is at an all time high. But hurry! Their willingness to buy you things dissipates after a few months.

3. You will make a better impression on your teachers and employers.

Why do people take so much time to get ready for a date? It’s because they want to make a good impression. But then, shouldn’t we always strive to make a good impression? When someone dresses carelessly for the day it reflects an attitude of carelessness for that day. When someone decides that each day is a day to dress for the occasion it reflects an attitude of self-worth and a drive to make each day a good one. The latter is the kind of attitude you want to reflect in a post-mission life. Life is full of first impressions and the way you dress is the first step in making a really good first, second, and constant impression on those around you. If you want to get a job, dress like you want it. If you want to get good recommendations from your college professors, don’t go to class wearing a tanktop and gym shorts. Make every impression count. Look your best, and you’ll be your best.

4. Ahem, Dating.

Here is a universal fact: Girls like guys that dress well. If you dress poorly a girl will remember your bad clothes, but dress impeccably and the girl will remember you. Guys, I am going to share a secret that I learned at a young age. You can put even the plainest man in a nice suit and he will unconsciously try and live up to it. That is why all girls are attracted to men that dress well. If you don’t own a good set of professional attire I highly suggest you go out and buy some. I’m not saying that you have to go out and buy the most expensive name brand clothing, but take the time to find your personal style and then use it daily to your advantage. Dressing well boosts confidence level. We all know that a guy with confidence attracts women, and a guy that attracts women goes on a lot of dates. Simply put: Dressing nice = lots of dates = smile on your face.

In the end, you’ll always feel better about yourself when you look your best. It is worth investing in a new wardrobe when you return. You’ll be glad you did.


*Dress Code is a custom menswear brand. They provide exclusively-priced custom suits and dress shirts that are tailored individually to body type and custom-designed to individual style. To learn more or to get fit for a new post-mission suit, go to their website or schedule an appointment!

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